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TimeEdit simplifies resource planning, room scheduling and analytics

For the modern organisation

Every organisation has its unique needs and therefore Timeedit is built to be tailored to your specific operational processes and work flows. Simplicity for the user means complexity for the developer. That’s how we do things.

Always available, always updated. Timeedit is delivered as a service, which means availability, scalability and cost savings for the customer.

Our platform is built in responsive web which means that you can work from any device, from anywhere you want. It runs straight from your browser and requires no plugins such as Flash or Java.

We know that nothing is scheduled with certainty. With Timeedit you can be sure that pupils, students, teachers and other personell always have access to an updated schedule, 365/24/7.

Problems or questions? Our devoted support team is here to help you.

Let Timeedit connect with the solutions you already use. With our open and well-documented API, integrations can be built for Timeedit to seamlessly integrate with existing LMS and administrative systems.

Market leader in Scandinavia
25 years of experience
600 000
universities & schools

TimeEdit gives everyone an overview of what is happening in the building. It creates a sense of togetherness.

Åke Wetterblad, Stockholm City Theatre

I can only say, we hade one problem to solve and we solved it with TimeEdit. For me that is perfect.

Barbara Obst-Hantel, Universität Potsdam

Everything is subject to change, it is for this reality that TimeEdit is designed.

Sophie Sjögren, Lund University

Get to know some of our customers

The Royal Music Academy in Stockholm use TimeEdit to schedule training in various
specialisations, both at undergraduate and graduate level.

The world's northernmost university uses Timeedit to create training programs for the next generation of experts in arctic geology, technology, biology and geophysics.

180 programmes. 1400 courses. 37 000 students. It is fair to say that scheduling is a complex matter at one of Sweden's largest universities, Gothenburg University. With TimeEdit, the students always know where to go and when to be there.

At the University of Potsdam in Germany, the number of students has increased rapidly. Through careful planning in Timeedit, the university makes room for more than 20,000 students in buildings originally designed for 9,000. Room utilisation at it's best.

Sweden's largest universities for technical education uses Timeedit successfully to schedule their students, researchers and teachers.

A unique suite

TimeEdit's powerful solutions for planning, scheduling and analysis of resources enables organisations to manage resources with higher efficiency and ease.


Say goodbye to complex and Outdated Excel sheets. Our web application for course, personell and resource planning is the future.

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A swift graphical interface, unlimited number of users and all resources in one database - with TimeEdit even the most complex scheduling becomes simple.

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Get access to unique insights with our statistics module and act on meaningful understanding of your resource utilisation.

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