Universität Potsdam

Om Postdam: Universität Potsdam är ett statligt universitet och är förbundslandet Brandenburgs största högskola. Det är internationellt känt för forskning inom offentlig förvaltning och statsvetenskap.

Antal studenter 20100
Grundat 1991
Använder TimeEdit sedan 2014
Barbara Obst Hantel, Principal,
University of Potsdam

Why did you look for a new scheduling software?

Our students have a wide choice of individual combinations. It´s one of our founding principles and it´s very popular among the students, but with so many choices it´s difficult to make schedules that don´t clash. We looked for a software solution that could help us with that and TimeEdit ticked all the boxes.

How has TimeEdit helped you?

The lack of room is a scheduling handicap. The university has three campuses in and around Potsdam, but there are still not enough rooms. The 21 000 students have to fint into lecture halls and study room intended for 9000, something that requires intricate planning. TimeEdit gives the university a bird´s eye view of the resources available, thus enabling it to put together schedules with fewer clashes and problems.

Improving the standards of planning and scheduling is also a crucial part of the Bologna Process. Complying with the guidelines of the Bologna Process entails bringing courses, programmes, grades and administrative procedures in line with a joint European standard.

The Bologna Process has brought a huge increase in the number of tests and exams. For example, each module has to be concluded with an exam. This is new for us. We have now many more tests and grades to record than previously, which has brought about a dramatic increase in administration. Let me put it this way, without good IT support it would not have been possible to administer a course within the Bologna Process at all.

Time Edit has made the administrative procedures so much simpler. We now have a greater overview and can see which courses are best suited to which time slots. There´s greater flexibility, and TimeEdit also manages large amounts of information. This is important for us as we have so many different courses and options.

Xenter Botkyrka

Med hjälp av TimeEdit har Xenter Botkyrka effektiviserat sin komplexa konferensbokning med ca 300 %.

Chalmers Tekniska Högskola

För schemaläggarna på Chalmers är studenten i fokus. Med TimeEdit ger de studenterna valfrihet.


"Vi ville få det bästa på marknaden och efter en grundlig analys insåg vi att TimeEdit var ett sådant system som vi letade efter"

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