Great academia deserves great software

Co-created together with our 150+ customers, TimeEdit uses cutting edge technology to deliver the most comprehensive resource management suite to universities, school districts and individual schools worldwide.

Built with flexibility, simplicity and complete resource control as the primary objectives, TimeEdit makes scheduling for even the largest organizations a breeze - just like it always should have been.

Market leader in Europe with 150+ customers
20+ years of exclusively serving the education sector
600 000 users relying on the TimeEdit platform - every day

World-class software, backed by a world-class team

With over 20 years and more than 200 implementations in the bag, a TimeEdit implementation doesn't just come with the most powerful software suite, but also gives you access to the world's most experienced Customer Success team dedicated to ensuring your organization reaches and exceeds its goals.


Better education for all

Resource Optimization

Optimized resource usage, to help the institution allocate more of their budget to initiatives that have real educational value - not empty rooms.

Staff satisfaction

Multi-user, integrated scheduling solution to ensure faculty preferences are incorporated into the schedule

Student Success

A student-centric schedule, improving graduation rate, on-time graduations, and improving campus life through digitalizing study room reservations, etc.

Bringing 21st century enterprise-grade technology to institutions across the world

Modern delivery platform

Cloud native since always and delivered as a service (SaaS)

Integrations front & center

Integrate with the tools you already use and love

Security and privacy first

Mission-critical software deserves enterprise-grade security

Let the software adapt - not you

A flexible solution that fits with your existing processes and workflows


Core values at TimeEdit

We believe delivering a great customer experience starts with creating a great work environment. Our core values shape our culture, is fundamental to our decision-making, influence who we hire, and create the foundation for delivering an outstanding experience to our customers across the world.


Context, not control

Our commitment to our mission will help us building a better future for many. Our commitment to our metrics will earn us the resources to further our mission. We hire great talent who thrive under our mission and help us reach our metrics.


Swing for the fences

We encourage experimentation. Better to try and sometimes fail than to sit tight and… fail for sure. Each mistake carries a lesson, and we make sure to learn from it.


We share (almost) everything

We believe it is pivotal for all employees to know the ins and outs to make intelligent decisions. That’s why we make uncommon levels of information available to everyone in the company, and protect information only when it is legally required or when it is not ours to share.


Judgement > Policies

Social media policy. Travel policy. Buy a round of beers at an event policy. Work from home policy. Nay. Our policy on these (and most things) consists of three words: Use good judgement.


We are one team

We hire and develop talent to make sure we have stars in every position. (+1 Netflix, we could not have said it better ourselves).


Work-life fit

We're scaling a company where people can build their work around their life, not the other way around. Flexibility means you're in the driver's seat to create a schedule that works for you, your passions, and the people you love.

Careers at TimeEdit

We are a rapidly growing tech company, which means we work in a fast-paced and high-responsibility environment with ample opportunities to grow within your role and as an individual. We are genuinely enjoying our journey and think you might too.

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