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We are on a mission to reshape education globally. We need a great team to do that, and we are growing fast. Join us and help universities and school towards a better education.

Most companies claim they make the world a better place, but very few succeed in doing something truly transformative. TimeEdit customers spend 20% less on facilities compared to universities not using TimeEdit. Less money spent on empty rooms means more resources allocated high quality education. That is what we call impact.

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The culture code


Context, not control

Our commitment to our mission will help us building a better future for many. Our commitment to our metrics will earn us the resources to further our mission. We hire great talent who thrive under our mission and help us reach our metrics.


Swing for the fences

We encourage experimentation. Better to try and sometimes fail than to sit tight and… fail for sure. Each mistake carries a lesson, and we make sure to learn from it.


We share (almost) everything

We believe it is pivotal for all employees to know the ins and outs to make intelligent decisions. That’s why we make uncommon levels of information available to everyone in the company, and protect information only when it is legally required or when it is not ours to share.


Judgement > Policies

Social media policy. Travel policy. Buy a round of beers at an event policy. Work from home policy. Nay. Our policy on these (and most things) consists of three words: Use good judgement.


We are one team

We hire and develop talent to make sure we have stars in every position. (+1 Netflix, we could not have said it better ourselves).


Work-life fit

We're scaling a company where people can build their work around their life, not the other way around. Flexibility means you're in the driver's seat to create a schedule that works for you, your passions, and the people you love.

The office lighting is really flattering.

- Johan

Our teams


Make big things happen. Development is driven by people, not processes. If you’re an engineer, UX expert or product manager at TE, you set the vision and move quickly to solve for the customer.

Customer Success

Not all heroes wear capes. As a part of customer success team, you are responsible for the art (and strategy) of making our customers successful in TimeEdit and their resource management.


“Always be helping”. As a TE salesperson, your mission is to find prospects to help with resource utilisation & student success. You are simply showing them a modern solution to an old problem.

Company wide perks & benefits

Work-life balance

Get stuff done and take time when you need it. We have flexible hours and a remote friendly environment.

An office that works for you

Standing desks? Done. Open office space? Sure. Quiet focus rooms? That too. Your office, at your service.

Growth opportunities

Growing fast means a lot of opportunities to take on a new role. Grow and develop with us.

Regular team activities

Awesome company retreats and regular team outings – like gokart, BBQ-nights and curling.

Sweat stipend

Monthly stipend for gym membership. Or the chess club, the tee time or whatever floats your activity boat.

Never stop learning

$2,500 each year to all employees who want to take a class on anything from Japanese to next-gen Javascript.

Our office locations

🇸🇪 Gothenburg

Known to many as Little London, Götet or New Amsterdam. To us Gothenburg is the birthplace of TimeEdit, and the home to our head office – located in the heart of the city.

🇻🇳 Hanoi

Rich history, vibrant culture, and bustling streets, Hanoi is the newest addition to TimeEdit's global presence. Nestled in the heart of Vietnam, our Hanoi office serves as a development hub within Scandinavian Software Park.

🇳🇱 Utrecht

Known for its beautiful medieval centre and tree-lined canals, Utrecht is the home of TimeEdit's BNL office, serving our beloved customers from Belgium and the Netherlands.

🇦🇺 Melbourne

Did you know Melbourne was the first city outside of Europe and North America to host the Olympic games? It's also TimeEdit's first office location in the southern hemisphere, paving the way of reshaping education across ANZ.

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