Trust is fundamental to our business

Providing mission critical software to over 150 customers across the world comes with great responsibility. That's why we care about the details to make sure we get it precisely right. We believe trust is rooted in transparency, which is why we will always be open about what our approach is to cybersecurity, any vulnerabilities we detect, our compliance process and privacy policies. Just to mention a few things.

How we work with trust and security

Security first - always

At TimeEdit, we are extremely cognisant of the fact that we're storing sensitive, proprietary data for each of our customers. As such, cybersecurity is at the essence of our operations, and we go to great lengths to ensure that we only work with top-of-the line suppliers

Our pledge to our customers

The way we see it, trust begins with transparency.  We are completely open about how we approach cybersecurity and what our security practices are. Your data is our responsibility, and we are committed to making sure that not only is it secure, but also that you as a customer know what we do to keep it that way.

Privacy Compliance

At TimeEdit, trust is our #1 value, and nothing is more important than the success of our customers and the protection of their data. We welcome GDPR as an important step forward in streamlining data protection requirements across the EU. We are committed to complying with GDPR in providing services to our customers, and we have ensured that our customers can continue to use our services while complying with GDPR.

Penetration testing

Our daily practices include threat-modeling, penetration focused code reviews, automated scanning, and third-party assessments.

Breach detection and monitoring

Our product team is dedicated to detecting signs of a data breach. Our security practices are constantly evolving in order to address new types of security threats and further strengthen our detection capabilities.

Privacy policy
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