5 new features for a better Fall scheduling period

August 27, 2020

Here at TimeEdit, we’re constantly trying to find new innovative ways to make it easier for our users to do their scheduling and resource management tasks. 2020 constitutes no exception, and during the Summer we have released many new features that we hope will simplify the Fall scheduling process.  

If you’re interested in learning more about the various features, please reach out to your respective Customer Success Manager, or get in touch with our friendly support. Like always, you can read all of our release notes on https://release-notes.timeedit.com - which of course includes not just the features below but all the new things we released over the course of the Summer.

💆 Group and structure your pages in TE Viewer

We have finally released a long-awaited feature to let you create your own headings and guide texts to your pages in TE Viewer. With this, you can easily create a better, more intuitive grouping of your pages, and even include additional information e.g., around which permissions are required for certain pages.

🛂 True multilingual support in TE Viewer

With TE Core, TE Exam and TE Preferences already supporting a true multilingual experience, it was about time we brought this feature to TE Viewer as well. With the new settings, it’s easy and quick to configure which field to use as your display label for both your primary and secondary languages.

🚀 Automatic object selection in TE Core

A distinctive theme in TE Core during the last couple of years has been improved support for batch operations. Late this Summer, it was finally time to add Automatic Object Selection to the list of features that now support a batch mode. Now, you can easily and automatically add (or replace virtual) objects to multiple reservations - at the same time. The underlying algorithm uses both our powerful relations feature, as well as lets you add additional filtering and sorting to further narrow down the selection list.

⏱ Expiration date for supervisor booking requests in TE Exam

One of the more common feature requests for TE Exam has been to be able to set an expiration date for supervisor booking requests. In doing so, one is able to ensure the planning is completed on time, with minimal amount of time spent on hunting down requests that haven’t been responded to. The newly-released feature lets you configure a default expiration date, as well as the option to override the default value for each individual booking. The expiration date is clearly highlighted in the booking email, and the supervisor receives a reminder a couple of days before the booking expires. To start using expiration dates you have to activate the feature, which you do under Settings -> Exam Settings. Without activation TE Exam will keep working just like it used to - without expiration dates.

📒 Event log in TE Exam and TE Preferences

One of the most appreciated features in TE Core is the ability to easily overview all the changes that have been made to a reservation. During the Summer, we built and implemented the same feature in both TE Exam and TE Preferences. To see it in action, go to either an exam (in TE Exam) or a form (in TE Preferences) and click on the new tab labelled “Event log”.

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