Meet our customers: Håkan Friberg from the Swedish Naval Warfare Centre

August 26, 2020

In 2005, TimeEdit received a request for a demo from the Swedish Naval Warfare Centre in Karlskrona. The enquiry came from their IT Director Håkan Friberg. Being well prepared for a pandemic even back then, they wanted to meet digitally to discuss their scheduling needs. After that first conversation in 2005, TimeEdit has enjoyed a 15 year long relationship with the Naval Warfare Centre, and they have been a very active customer with valuable input on our product development. We met up with Håkan to reminisce about the collaboration.

Can you remember what made you choose TimeEdit in the first place?

In 2005, we merged our schools in Berga and Karlskrona to form the Naval Warfare Centre we know today. The personnel from Berga early saw a need to get some sort of scheduling tool to help our complex planning, and we immediately felt that TimeEdit was the right choice after the first contact. Throughout the years, we have iteratively evolved our TimeEdit installation to what it is today.

What type of gains have you realised, leveraging TimeEdit as your scheduling tool?

The overview, structure and control we have over the use of our buildings and rooms are invaluable. The Reporting tool has also really helped us to optimise room utilisation.

Apart from the classic scheduling, what other benefits have you had from TimeEdit?

Well, first and foremost we have been able to provide a timetable to our students - but together with our consultant Göran, we have also been able to configure the system so that we can book all kinds of resources - shooting ranges, swimming pools, spinning bikes etc. - which has been greatly appreciated.

In your opinion, what is the best development that has been made over the last 15 years?

TE Reserve was absolutely fantastic when it came. Everyone loves how easy it is to book rooms and resources through that portal. I also really liked copy-pasting both individual bookings and cluster bookings, and just in general we felt that TE Core was a big upgrade in terms of responsiveness, speed and simplicity from the previous TimeEdit generation.

How would you rank the following life events: Installation of your private outdoors hot tub, HK Karlskrona's promotion to the top division of the Swedish Hockey League (SHL) and the implementation of TimeEdit?

This is the toughest question of the interview. There is no doubt that HK Karlskrona's promotion to the SHL, where they at one point even took the lead of the division, provided me with a lot of enjoyment. However, if there are two installations in my life that really have made a difference and a big impact, it is definitely both TimeEdit and my private outdoors hot tub.  

Who is Håkan Friberg?

Håkan graduated from the Swedish Officer School and has worked in different roles within the Swedish Military Services until he joined the Naval Warfare Centre as IT Director in 2005.

Håkan's big passion in his private life has been to develop and install his own outdoors hot tub. As he claims: "A quiet moment in my hot tub is absolute bliss on a late autumn night".

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