Modern scheduling for higher education

TimeEdit is the go-to choice for universities looking to drastically improve their schedule and resource management processes

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An end-to-end scheduling suite...

From demand management, via course scheduling and room assignment to analytics and reporting, TimeEdit's cloud-based resource management suite will let your organization drastically improve your scheduling process.

... delivered as a cloud-based, user-friendly SaaS product

Tired of legacy software, inexplicable user-interfaces, upgrades that break the system? Forget all of that. With TimeEdit, the user-interface has been co-created over 15+ years with some of the world's leading universities.

One dedicated partner

To bridge the data gap and help teams' focus on what's important

Curriculum Management

Real-time insights, learning objectives mapping and comprehensive workflow to tailor-make curriculum management processes

Class & exam scheduling

Data collection, auto scheduling, manual scheduling in one unified database across all resource management

Student Allocation & Registration

Make data-driven decisions to optimize your resource management


Make data-driven decisions to optimise how to drive student-centric outcomes

Powering the world's top universities

Integrates with the tools you already use

Integrations and automated data transfer are at the heart of TimeEdit's mission. With an extensive set of integrations , from Student Information Systems, Learning Management Systems, Outlook, Exchange, Gmail, etc., we make it a breeze to connect with your existing system flora.

Student Information Systems

Integrate TE Core with your SIS to pre populate your scheduling tool with all the essential information, such as courses, programs, teachers, groups and students.

Learning Management System

Let your students access an always up-to-date class schedule, directly in their personal LMS calendar.

Your ecosystem through our APIs

From finance systems to ventilation control - our customers have already built more than 300 integrations using our extensive APIs.

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University of Potsdam

"The 21,000 students have to fit into rooms intended for 9,000 people, a task that requires intricate planning and could not be carried out without TimeEdit."

Barbara Obst Hantel, Principal, University of Potsdam

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Universities switch to TimeEdit thanks to amazing features like these

Always conflict free

Cross departamental scheduling of rooms, professors and equipment without any conflicts
Create course interdependencies for a conflict free course schedule
Joint teaching and joint room allocation between groups and classes

Flexible & customizeable

Lab equipment, cars, study desks, projectors. If you can name it, you can manage it in TE Core.
Are you used to working with specific colouring?No problem, our color scheme allow you to deploy any color coding you like.
Different scenarios requires different needs. That's why we built flexible reservation templates, so you can schedule courses, rooms and events - all in one system

On your terms

Decide who can view, request or reserve what rooms across campus.
Allowing you to give different users access to certain rooms at different times. Give schedulers access to certain rooms 3 months in advance, faculty 1 month and students 1 week. Like magic.

Swift bulk management

Draft. Review. Iterate. Simulate different scenarios, save versions and publish the very best.
Copy and edit reservations and schedules in batches. Copying one schedule from one semester to the next has never been easier.
All reservations are traceable and retrievable. Because mistakes happen.

Enterprise-grade security

Data integrity, privacy, and security are essential design considerations when delivering an enterprise product. With TimeEdit, your data is securely stored, with advanced user and permission management, and GDPR compliant privacy polices.

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Flexible customization

TE Core's rich scheduling and customizations features enable your institution to flexibly work in a process that works best for you.


TE Core brings a new level of transparency to your team's work and keeps everyone on the same page.

Value-driven prioritization

Resource efficiency, student success or teacher satisfaction? Ensure scheduling that deliver the most value to your institution.

For all institutions

TE Core is a flexible, easy-to-use, scheduling tool designed for teams of every shape and size.

Actionable data

The extensive reporting functionality give you critical insight into how much when and by whom your resources are being utilized.

Fast onboarding

Not months, not weeks. With TimeEdit, you will be up-and-running in days.