The easy-to-use scheduling tool for your school

Reduce no-shows and optimise under-utilized class rooms using cutting edge IOT technology.

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Bringing first-class scheduling to your school

Modern delivery platform

Cloud native since always and delivered as a service (SaaS)

Integrations front & center

Integrate with the tools you already use and love

Security and privacy first

Mission-critical software deserves enterprise-grade security

Let the software adapt - not you

A flexible solution that fits with your existing processes and workflows

The no-frills solution for your school...

Plug-and-play integrations, a end-to-end covering self-service knowledge base, video tutorials and a swift set-up process let you be up-and-running with TimeEdit at your school today.

... or tailor made for the entire school district

In TimeEdit, any resource can be shared amongst all schools across the municipality, making it a breeze to share gymnastics facilities, language teachers and across your operations. This, along with state-of-the-art data security, makes TE for K12 the number one choice for school systems world wide.

It's a scheduling tool made for you

We know every school is different. That's why we've created the world's most flexible scheduling tool.

Powerful and intuitive timetabling

Flexible timetabling and course scheduling for any type of courses and programmes, on both  individual, group, class and course levels.

Instantly updated across all devices

Manage your academic schedule and campus space in one solution. Assign rooms pre, during or post course scheduling.

Everything in sync; always and in real-time

With TimeEdit, you'll never have to worry about data inconsistencies or manual entry. Our plug-and-play SIS and LMS (+ many more) integrations take care of all the work for you!

What's in the box

End-to-end process coverage in one seamlessly integrated suite

Curriculum & department planning

TE Plan

Curriculum & faculty management

Scheduling & resource management

TE Core

Course scheduling & resource management

Publishing & reservations

TE Viewer

Schedule viewer

TE Reserve

One-off room & event reservations

Analytics & reporting

TE Reporting

Analytics & reporting

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Always with TimeEdit

End-to-end process coverage in one seamlessly integrated suite

No conflicts

TE Core is delivered as a cloud-based multiuser system, meaning that all users always access real-time updated data. In other words; say hello to a 100% conflict free schedule.

Customized for you

We know that every school has it's unique way of doint things. Customize your scheduling process effortlessly with TimeEdit

Integrated to your ecosystem

Connect TE to your student information system, learning management platform and absence registration system for a seamless experience