Global Business School INSEAD adopts TimeEdit in a drive towards digitalization

May 25, 2022

INSEAD is one of the world's largest and most renowned graduate business schools with campus locations spanning across Europe, Middle East, Asia and North America. With vast resource synergies across campuses, the need for a “single point of truth” to cater for all scheduling and resource management needs was substantial. With the added complexity of managing four different time zones in the same database, INSEAD decided to tender for a solution to cater for their many-faceted needs.

As a result, INSEAD successfully deployed TimeEdit as part of a multi-year strategy to digitalize education delivery and operations across its 4 global locations. This has enabled them to move forward in the orchestrated scheduling of resources, people and services. As a part of this, they also manage the scheduling of new virtual and hybrid facilities which has seen significant growth and required much flexibility since the onset of the Covid crisis.

James Middleditch, Project Sponsor at INSEAD explains: 

“We needed a modern and scalable solution. The fact that the TimeEdit suite comes in various modules has given us flexibility to implement only the ones we need, while enabling us to add others as we go. We also needed a “single point of truth” and TimeEdit has allowed us to have all scheduling and room management in one place. Having achieved that, we can leverage TimeEdit's strengths for better facilities management, better resource utilization, better decision making and a better experience for our stakeholders - adding value to all areas of our business.”

The ambition also extends to a fully end-to-end provisioning and request solution using the INSEAD API platform, alongside learning how to integrate IoT and Building Management data, in-line with digital campus initiatives supporting sustainability objectives.

Johan Blomdahl, CEO of TimeEdit:

The ambitious plans for holistically looking at their entire value chain of resource management makes INSEAD an ideal client for TimeEdit, as we strive to work with partners who share our mission of continuously pushing boundaries and evolving academic planning. INSEAD is a perfect example of a complex environment where four campuses, each based in a different continent, can work efficiently together in one single environment, and we are looking forward to helping innovate their academic planning processes further as our partnership continues."