Matt Dalton joins TimeEdit as UK Commercial Director

May 25, 2022

TimeEdit strengthens the Business Development team in the UK through the recruitment of Matt Dalton as Commercial Director UK, overlooking the growth of TimeEdit in the local market. With his vast experience within the EdTech sector supporting both Higher Education and Further Education partners, he brings invaluable experience and competence to the table. We had a (milk last) tea with Matt to hear more about his first couple of weeks with TimeEdit.

Welcome to the team! First question: what made you join TimeEdit?

It wasn’t just one thing. Personally, company culture is everything to me - from the outset I could tell that it was a great match for what I was looking for. Secondly, the clear mission and fantastic product set. With such a strong presence in multiple markets, it was clear there is a clear opportunity within the UK to assist the Higher Education sector in transforming their scheduling in the coming years and I wanted to lead that growth.

What's your role at TimeEdit?
I will be the Commercial Director at TimeEdit in the UK. I’m hugely looking forward to building a large network of TimeEdit customers in the region.

So tell us a bit about yourself

I graduated with a degree in Marketing and Advertising and spent the first half of my career working in advertising agencies and then made the move client side heading up the marketing efforts of Cooper MINI within the UK. I transitioned to online education and EdTech around 10 years ago and haven’t looked back. I live just outside York with my wife and four year old daughter. I have a passion for road cycling, F1 and a good movie!

Coffee or tea? Milk first or last?
Definitely tea, and definitely milk last. Potentially controversial.

You have been here for a couple of weeks, what are your first impressions of TimeEdit?

The thing that has struck me is the energy, openness and passion of the team. Everyone has been generous with their time in supporting me and the company culture is perfect. The product is also phenomenal! I can’t wait to start demonstrating it to new partners in the coming months. I look forward to adding value and becoming an integral part of the team.