Omix Scheduling Academy uses TimeEdit as Official Teaching System

November 30, 2020

TimeEdit is now officially the teaching system for higher education timetabling at the renowned Omix Scheduling Academy - together, Omix and TimeEdit will be helping to develop hundreds of new schedulers to the industry in the years to come.

TimeEdit and the educational logistics consultants in Omix continues to evolve their relationship as TimeEdit was implemented as the official teaching system at the Omix Scheduling Academy this spring. The academy is part of Omix' strategy to recruit and educate new people to the scheduling industry to fill an increasing demand of expertise within educational logistics. Now, the first class of students has graduated the academy learning the traits of scheduling through TimeEdit. The video below outlines both the value of the partnership as well as what the students think about the academy and learning TImeEdit.

"When we first got across Omix' Scheduling Academy, we were baffled. We believe the size of the operation and professionalism of the study programme makes the academy a one-of-a-kind institution in the industry, which we in TimeEdit wholeheartedly support as timetabling enthusiasts." says Steinar Morland, VP of Business Development in TimeEdit.

"TimeEdit is a system that is well thought out. When you first enter the system, it has a great introduction screen that navigates you around the most important features it has. Now that the academy is finished, I will be placed at a university or hogeschool in The Netherlands, where I will use the things I have learned to create staff and student schedules", says Aiden Lowe, recent graduate from the Omix Scheduling Academy.

"We consider TimeEdit to be a very promising new player in the Dutch market, and while we can now work with TimeEdit - we may still not grasp its full potential. Our knowledge will grow quickly once we get more real life experience with the tools, and we are excited to get started and discover this world of possibilities", says Paula Verschoof-Dun, consultant at Omix.