Say Hi! to our new VP of Product, Natalia!

April 4, 2019

Together with the product team, Natalia will be the voice of our new product launches.

TimeEdit is currently on the brink of several major feature and product launches, so we added a seasoned VP of Product to our team to help us ensure that our new product solutions solve our customers’ pain points and are well-communicated internally and externally. Natalia Lindberg joined our team in January as our VP of Product and has been working diligently ever since to set our plans for new features into motion.

Natalia is a seasoned product manager, with experience from Ericsson, Stena Line and most recently as VP of Product at Adfenix. She is already an essential part of our team who brings a fresh perspective and positive attitude everyday (seriously, we’ve never seen her lose her cool). Together with the product team, she'll be the voice of our new product launches, so we want to introduce her to you with a getting-to-know you Q&A!

What excited you about TimeEdit and this opportunity?

TimeEdit and I hold the same value – I genuinely believe the way forward is through education. TimeEdit has the ambitioin and skill to make education more efficient and easier for all, and I get excited by a mission that has a profound meaning in this world. Aslo, the ambitious scalup atmosphere was also really appealing to me.

What is your favourite feature of TimeEdit and why?

I don’t have a single favourite feature. I really like the fact that TimeEdit is designed to help our customers towards higher resource utilization, student success and improved staff satisfaction. Everything we do is geared towards helping our customers achieve those goals, and it is that end-to-end process that really excites me. Even though I think our new batch edit feature is pretty rad.