TE Feature Request Awards 2021

May 25, 2022

TimeEdit would not exist without our strong and engaged user community, always striving for helping us make TimeEdit a better and better solution for scheduling and resource management. Best Feature Request Award is our little way of saying thanks, and continue to promote the close relationship we have with our users.

This year, we could not decide on just one feature request, but simply had to reward three stunning contributions. Congrats Utrecht University, The Swedish User Group, and the Swedish University of Agricultural Science for your standout requests - all of them resulting in significant updates for the user community.

🏆 Utrecht University

Feature: Field relations

Martin Tukker represented Utrecht University as their feature request Field Relations was awarded as one of the three best feature request the past year. The field relation feature enable universities to create relations between any fields of any objects, allowing for smoother auto object allocation and drastically ease the administration of relations.

🏆 The Swedish User Group

Feature: Change objects in TE Viewer

Represented by Anna Norlöv and Emma Gerönberg, Lund University received the award for the Swedish user group for the awesome feature "Change objects in TE Viewer". The feature allows users to change objects directly in a published draft or live timetable, meaning that teachers can change teachers on reservations or making room or equipment requests - straight from TE Viewer. In other words, no more emailing back and forth on simple change requests.

🏆 Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences

Feature: Collaboration in TE Preferences

Oliver and his team at Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences have been pivotal for the development of TE Preferences, and was awarded for the feature set "Collaboration in TE Preferences" which, as the name entails, allow for multiple users to collaboratie on a TE Prefernces form. In essence, this means that a form can be allocated to multiple teachers or course coordinators who can fill out different information relevant for the course.