Welcome Andreas, our newest developer and product team member 🥳

August 26, 2020

Product is the heart of TimeEdit, and now we're adding new talent to make more big things happen. Meet our newest member to team, Andreas!

Tell us a bit about yourself Andreas, who are you?

I've done it all: everything from paper boy to care assistant, but I have always had the aim of becoming a programmer. I have studied programming and product development at the University of Skövde. I always had the goal of working as a programmer and then saw that TimeEdit was looking for developers, the rest is history. When I'm not working, I spend my time with my two children, being out on the track and running, or tinkering with my cars in the garage.

What's your role at TimeEdit?

My role at TimeEdit is to continue develop the company's products, mainly with the focus on TE Core, as well as the integration between TE Core and the new exciting products, TE Preferences and TE Exam.

You have been with the team for almost a month now, talk us through it

At the time of writing, I have been at the company for almost a month and am beginning to form an idea of how complex the scheduling process really is, but also what an important role TimeEdit plays in simplifying it. I look forward to working with the rollout of TE Preferences and TE Exam, and seeing how these products will further make everyday life easier for our customers.

We could not have been more happy to have Andreas on the team. A big welcome from all of TimeEdit 🙏