Welcome BI Norwegian Business School to the TimeEdit family!

May 25, 2022

We are today happy to announce a new customer in Norway, adding to our already big Nordic family: Welcome BI Norwegian Business School! BI is the largest business school in Norway and the second largest in all of Europe. BI has in total four campuses with the main one located in Oslo. They will offer their 20 000+ students and staff all current TimeEdit products.

Marius Eriksen, Executive Vice President Full-time Programmes at BI:

“We need to improve our planning processes to meet a more complex semester planning landscape. An important goal for BI is for our students to have an adapted and predictable plan for all their activities during the semester. To achieve this, we need a modern planning platform that provides efficient support for the planning of varied teaching and examination forms, and provides a good workflow throughout the process of allocating teaching resources, room and resource bookings. TimeEdit delivers modules that in total provide BI with the desired system support for the entire semester planning process. At the same time, TimeEdit offers flexibility in the adaptation of these, which makes it possible to tailor the solution to BI's needs. TimeEdit has a solid foothold in the sector, and a well-developed customer community that BI looks forward to being a part of. We believe that TimeEdit will be a good partner for BI, considering both current and future needs.”

Steinar Morland, VP Business Development at TimeEdit:

“What excites us the most about this project is BI’s very holistic approach to semester planning. They truly see all parts of the academic planning cycle as an integrated work process, from workload planning to timetabling and exam management and everything in between. We are looking forward to designing a data structure and integrated workflows that will enable BI to realise the gains they are aiming to achieve with this project.”