Welcome Linn, our new product manager!

May 25, 2022

We are super happy to say welcome Linn Treutiger, TimeEdit’s most recent team member and our new product manager. Linn joins TimeEdit from Gothenburg based tech start-up Adfenix, and will be an integral part in bridging the gap between customers and product to make sure we understand the needs and prioritize what’s most relevant to our users.

Who is Linn Treutiger?
I consider myself to be a warm person with a big smile. I always keep my (sometimes too loud) laughter close by and I live by the conviction that energy breeds energy, therefore I make sure to share my own.

I have a business background and have had the opportunity to work within both consulting, controlling and business development. Prior to joining TimeEdit I worked at Adfenix, a Gothenburg based tech start-up. At Adfenix my responsibilities were, among others, to bridge the gap between the customers and the company as well as support the product team with market insights and analysis. In order to truly understand a customer's pain points I believe a high market presence is key.

What excited you about TimeEdit and this opportunity?
TimeEdit has a unique combination of extensive experience and high ambitions. Retaining customers with high satisfaction rate and ambitious scale-up plans is likely the perfect recipe for success. On a personal level I am super excited about my new role as a product owner and I hope my experience from working closely in the market will contribute with some new perspectives.

What is your favourite feature of TimeEdit and why?
TE Preferences. The product is only in its early stages and is already solving some major bottlenecks for our customers. The innovation speed is thrilling and with the new integration in TE Core I believe the sky is the limit for this product.

What can our customers expect of you in your new role?
Plenty of stupid questions, an aspiration to understand and hopefully a good laugh sometimes!

What are you looking forward to the most?
To meet people. I can’t wait for the corona pandemic to be over so I can meet all our customers in person. Also, I am really looking forward to work face to face with my new colleagues, to visit our remote team in Vietnam and last but not least to attend the famous TE Summit next spring.

A note from Johan Blomdahl, CEO and Johan Hörnell, CTO: We are excited to welcome Linn as our Product Manager at TimeEdit. PMs are tough to hire for because of the diversity of skills required and the fact that the role itself varies between industries and companies. One of the key attributes we want to see in this role is empathy for our users. Linn brings that in abundance and will do a great job advancing TimeEdit, our product suite and how customers enable better resource management through it.