Welcome Maria and Josefine, two of our new(er) Customer Success additions

May 25, 2022

We sat down with two of our most recent additions to the Customer Success team, Josefine Lund and Maria van der Ploeg, who both will be working from our Gothenburg office. A big welcome from everyone at TimeEdit!

Tell us a bit about yourself

Maria: I was born and raised in Sweden and right now I live outside of Gothenburg with my family (husband and three kids). I have lived in the Netherlands for 12 years and my surname I have gotten from my Dutch husband. Before TimeEdit I worked at AB Volvo and I have a background in IT. I have held positions in Project Management, Service Management and the last 10 years I have been a manager for different IT departments.

A common denominator of my past jobs has been that it is usually about change and setting a strategy how to move forward. This is something I saw in TimeEdit as well and the open culture spoke to me. The journey TimeEdit is on appealed to me and another thing that I really like about TimeEdit is that I can combine my Swedish and Dutch knowledge, something that I really enjoy.

Josefine: I'm a 31 year old multitasker who has worked within scheduling and resource management for almost ten years now. My latest experience is from the air traffic control center in Gothenburg as a Resource Manager. When I'm not working, I like to dance (mostly bachata, but if I hear music I can't be still), be outdoors, go to the gym, play padel, travel and plan fun activities with my friends and my five year old son!

What's your role at TimeEdit?

Maria: I work as a Project Manager at TimeEdit for our Implementation Projects, I am a part of the Customer Success team. I will work side by side with our implementation managers making sure we deliver our projects with quality to our customers and in time. Right now I have the privilege to run three projects in the Netherlands and one project in Belgium.

Josefine: I'll be a part of the Customer Success team as Implementation Manager, meaning I'll onboard new customers in the system in the best possible way! I'm sure my experience as a scheduler will come in in handy in order to understand the needs of the customer and how wo translate it to the ways of working in TE.

You have both been here for some time now, what's been your impression of TimeEdit so far?

Maria: I have now been at TimeEdit for 2,5 months and I feel like a part of the team. First of all the onboarding has been great, so professional! Second of all TimeEdit has at once made me feel that I can contribute and given me challenges to work on, this is something I like. The open culture and the empowerment is something I really enjoy at TimeEdit.

Josefine: When it comes down to work, what matters to me is the company's values, goals and the culture. That is something that made TimeEdit stand out from day one. I'm humble to be part of such an ambitious and driven team and I'm looking forward to be a part of it!