Welcome Steinar Morland, our new VP of Business Development!

May 25, 2022

TimeEdit is proud to introduce Steinar Morland as our new VP of Business Development. Steinar joins TimeEdit from heading up global business development and partnerships in MazeMap - TimeEdit’s close wayfinding and digital map partner.

Steinar joins TimeEdit as the company’s first Norwegian employee, thus marking the beginning of a local presence in Norway. While Steinar will be based in Trondheim, he will be overlooking TimeEdit’s commercial activities globally and be a natural part of TimeEdit’s management group. We are thrilled to have him on board, and will let him introduce himself below.

First off, what kind of a guy are you?
I have gotten feedback previously, stating I’m “a quite nice guy”, and I think that pretty much covers it. I guess I’m somewhat of a globetrotter and a music enthusiast (being a massive fan of Håkan Hellström was part of my decision to join a Gothenburg company), and I spend most my afternoons trying to cook decent food for my slightly picky wife. Professionally, I’ve got a MSc in Industrial Engineering, having worked as a business developer in multiple tech companies - and I think many will know me from my recent 5.5 years in MazeMap.

Why TimeEdit?
Having worked with TimeEdit from the sideline as a partner for many years, I’ve been impressed, to say the least, what these folks have managed to achieve in product development on a very short timeframe, with limited resources. Take that ability and combine it with what I see as a strong need in the higher ed sector for new/improved tools in resource management, I feel that TimeEdit is my number one horse to bet on to solve the coming market needs. And I want to be part of that journey.

So what can our customers expect of you in your new role?
I’m a business developer through and through. That, to me, means being able to listen, understand and transform customer’s needs and wants into something that can fly, both from a commercial and technical perspective. Naturally, this is a responsibility of the company as a whole, but I see the “listen” part as being particularly relevant to my part of the organisation. I hope to be a VP of BizDev that sees and listens to our clients, as they are the very foundation of what we do.

What are you looking forward to the most?

TE Summit. TE Summit. TE Summit. Ask anyone in MazeMap what my favourite conference of the year was (and I did a lot of conferences throughout the year in my previous role) - and everyone will know it was TE Summit. Hands down, the general atmosphere is unparalleled. Seeing how much of a community feeling there is amongst the clients, being awake at 3am still seeing half of the conference still awake playing ping pong or similar - absolutely fantastic. Having that type of meeting place to discuss and evolve the product through client interaction is a privilege.