World premiere: TE Exam for invigilators

May 25, 2022

No more paper, pen and phone calls. From now on all invigilator managment will be carried out digitally at Chalmers University of Technology.

Today, Chalmers University of Technology introduced the dedicated TE Exam invigilator interface, including the ability to accept exam requests and set availability digitally. A process that previously was carried out through email, paper and phone calls are now managed swiftly and more accessible for everyone. Chalmers is currently implementing TE Exam across their two campuses at Johanneberg and Lindholmen, where invigilator management play a key role. More than accepting requests, TE Exam allows invigilators to communicate with each other as well as exam admins, and find all relevant exam information in one place.

Covering the exam management process end-to-end, TE Exam is designed to help institution's optimise the use of rooms and ease supervisor coordination, whilst enhancing student experience with a balanced exam timetable. Read more about the application here.