Features for course scheduling, room assignment and resource management

TE Core is the scheduling tool for the 21st century educational institutions

Academic scheduling

The challenges are complex - fluctuating enrolment, allocation of finite faculty and space resources, budget hurdles, and maximizing graduation rates, just to name a few.

Room assignment

Block rooms, manage space requests between departments and align your resources to your academic needs.

All-in-one solution

Has managing multiple calendars led to conflicts and time-consuming scheduling practices? Bring them all together in one central calendar with the ability to manage both space and scheduling.

Institutions switch to TE Core thanks to amazing features like these

The tangible benefits

Always conflict free

Cross departamental scheduling of rooms, professors and equipment without any conflicts
Create course interdependencies for a conflict free course schedule
Joint teaching and joint room allocation between groups and classes

Flexible & customizeable

Lab equipment, cars, study desks, projectors. If you can name it, you can manage it in TE Core
Are you used to working with specific colouring?No problem, our color scheme allow you to deploy any color coding you like
Different scenarios requires different needs. That's why we built flexible reservation templates, so you can schedule courses, rooms and events - all in one system

On your terms

Decide who can view, request or reserve what rooms across campus.
Allowing you to give different users access to certain rooms at different times. Give schedulers access to certain rooms 3 months in advance, faculty 1 month and students 1 week. Like magic.

Swift bulk management

Draft. Review. Iterate. Simulate different scenarios, save versions and publish the very best.
Copy and edit reservations and schedules in batches. Copying one schedule from one semester to the next has never been easier.
All reservations are traceable and retrievable. Because mistakes happen.

Improve life across campus

The tangible benefits

No more scheduling conflicts

No intentional conflicts. Ever.

TE Core is designed to work with hundreds of concurrent users creating and editing reservations at the same time. So whether you schedule a recurring event, joint teaching lectures or across different departments, TE Core will ensure a conflict free schedule throughout campus.

Improve resource utilization rates

~35% higher utilization rates on rooms

Uncover space bottlenecks and allow to adjust and align your resources where it's needed, when it's needed. Share resources across departments and let students book any room left-overs to drive higher utilization rates and a better learning environment.

Happier staff

Higher staff satisfaction across faculty & administration

Faculty are your most valuable resource. TE Core is seamlessly integrated with TE Preferences, so schedulers can make sure to include faculty's time, room and course  preferences into their planning. Less administration, happy professors and a better learning environment.

Increase student success

Wider course selection, faster time-to-completion and lower drop-out rates, happier students

TE Core's course interdependency features allow schedulers to effortlessly manage a conflict free core- and electives schedule  for all students.

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Works with your current processes and systems

All integrated to how you already work

Adapts to your workflow

We know that every institution has their own definition of a schedule and work differently to get there. That's why we built TE Core with flexibility at heart, so you and your team can schedule any type of resources according to the workflow that map your current processes.

TE Core supports both a centralized and distributed process (or a mix of the two), and can be customizid throughout the organisation, allowing for a tailored solution for both the faculty of engineering program, as well as the medical school.

Connect TE Core to your current set of campus tools

Developer tools, integrations and a rich Open API. All data in TE Core is read and write accessible, allowing for easy import and integration from virtually any other system. Leverage our open API to create a seamless environment with your SIS, LMS, lecture capturing, navigation and other campus systems.

Integrates with these core systems

(amongst + 300 other SIMS, LMS and keycampus solutions)

Master your data to build a better schedule

Understand the impact of your scheduling. Get utilization rates per campus, building, type of room and over different times by the click of a button. Check out TE Reporting for a birds-eye overview of your room and resource utilization rates.

Frequently asked questions

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Can we share resources across our institution? 

All resources can be shared across your institutions. Time rules and permissions allow you to decide actually what resources than can be shared by whom and when.

Do I manually have to create course data in TimeEdit?

No, our out-of-the-box integrations to student information systems like Banner andPeopleSoft automatically retrieves all the data you need, and ensures its always kept up-to-date. Our integrations also pushes all the data back to the SIS so you'll never have data inconsistencies. If you don't want to use a SIS integration, you can always import all the data you need with Excel files.

Do you provide full history and audit trail of all reservations? 

Yes, you can always retrieve a full audit trail complete with all the details of who's made the booking, when it was made, what it contained, if it has been modified (i.e resources have been added, removed or swapped), if the booking has been cancelled and who cancelled it.

Complete the suite

TE Preferences

Coordinate department scheduling and preferences with your master schedule in a seamless, Excel-free workflow

TE Exam

End-to-end exam scheduling, including everything from seat allocation to proctor management and reporting

TE Reserve

Open your study rooms, auditoriums and equipment up for internal & external reservations,  seamlessly integrated with the rest of the suite

TE Reporting

TE HawkEye

Measure actual room utilization, no shows, unplanned usage and much more to combine scheduling data with real usage in your capacity initiatives

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