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See how TE Core revolutionizes course scheduling and room assignment

Bulk scheduling, request management, constraint based scheduling and flexible configuration are just the beginning of what you will discover. Let us take you for a spin in the world's most forward leaning scheduling solution.

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A scheduling tool made for you

We know every institution is different. That's why we've created the world's most flexible scheduling tool

Course scheduling

Flexible timetabling and course scheduling for any type of courses and programmes, on both  individual, group, class and course levels.

Master planning

Allow for a smooth process by planning room, equipment and teacher availability before the course scheduling kicks in.

Room assignment

Manage your academic schedule and campus space in one solution. Assign rooms pre, during or post course scheduling.

Flexible resource management

In TE Core anything can be a resource, meaning you can schedule and manage anything from rooms or equipment to courses and software licenses.

Make changes on-the-go

Stuff happens. Teachers get sick, rooms get indispensable and groups need to be adjusted. TE Core is built for this reality and make last-minute changes hassle free.

In bulk or one-by-one

Save time with TE Core's powerful bulk management, letting you copy, modify and delete reservations en mass.

Packed with features you will love

No more collisions

TE Core is delivered as a cloud-based multiuser system, meaning that all users always access real-time updated data. In other words; say hello to a 100% conflict free schedule.

Best-in-class permission system

TE Core's granular permission system & time rules, allow you to decide what is reservable, when, by whom and how often.

Centralised or distributed? You choose

Supports planning and scheduling through a university central team, distributed to professors and teachers or a combination of both.

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Integrates with the tools you already use

SIS, LMS, way-finding, digital signage, facility management, BI, Office, Google are just some of our integrations

Student Information Systems

Integrate TE Core with your SIS to pre populate your scheduling tool with all the essential information, such as courses, programs, teachers, groups and students.

Learning Mangament System

Let your students access an always up-to-date class schedule, directly in their personal LMS calendar.

Your ecosystem through our APIs

From finance systems to ventilation control - our customers have already built more than 300 integrations using our extensive APIs.

Don't change how you work, just supercharge your processes' efficacy

We know every institution is unique. That's why we've designed a product that adapts to your processes and preferences. The way we see it, software should supercharge your workflow - not change it.

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Flexible customization

TE Suite rich scheduling and customizations features enable your institution to flexibly work in a process that works best for you.


TE Suite brings a new level of transparency to your team's work and keeps everyone on the same page.

Value-driven prioritization

Resource efficiency, student success or teacher satisfaction? Ensure scheduling that deliver the most value to your institution.

For all institutions

TE Suite is a flexible, easy-to-use, scheduling tool designed for teams of every shape and size.

Actionable data

The extensive reporting functionality give you critical insight into how much when and by whom your resources are being utilized.

Fast, friendly user interface

Navigate through schedules and resources with ease, ensuring a smooth workflow and enhanced productivity for you

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University of Potsdam

"The 21,000 students have to fit into rooms intended for 9,000 people, a task that requires intricate planning and could not be carried out without TimeEdit."

Barbara Obst Hantel, Principal, University of Potsdam

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