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Exam management will never be the same

Covering the exam management process end-to-end, TE Exam is designed to help institution's optimise the use of rooms and ease supervisor coordination, whilst enhancing student experience with a balanced exam timetable.

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The holistic exam management tool

Co-created together with our customers to deliver a state of the art user experience

Order exams

With TE Exam it is easier than ever allow for course coordinators and professors to order and prepare exams

Schedule exams

Allocate exams on seat level, split exams into multiple rooms or combine multiple exams in one room. With TE Exam you can do it all.

Manage supervisors

No more back and forth emailing, no more spreadsheets with outdated contact details. Schedule supervisors based on their skills, certifications and availability. Simple as that.

Handle all exam related tasks in one solution

From blocking off rooms to supervisors and special needs, everything tied seamlessly together


Block off rooms, identify capacity constraints and ensure high facility utilization


Allocate exams on seat level, split exams in multiple rooms or combine multiple exams in one room


Coordinate and communicate with your supervisors effortlessly


Manage special needs and ensure a balanced exam timetable

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Let our product expert guide you through the solution and how you can unlock all benefits of a modern, easy to use exam management platform.

Cut administration time by 50%
Eliminate all room conflicts between exams and regular sessions
Maximize room utilization during busy exam periods
Deliver a modern student experience
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Integrated with your key systems

Three integrations  your exam admin team will love

By seamlessly integrating with TE Core, you are assured of a 100% conflict free schedule and no data has to be put in twice
TE Exam fetches any course data and student registrations from your student information system, such as Banner, PeopleSoft, Ladok or FS
Upon scheduling, exams are automatically pushed to the student schedule so they always know the where, the when and the what to bring

Frequently asked questions

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We run a centralized exam process - do I have to go through the order process to create exams?

TE Exam is built for both a distributed and centralized exam planning workflow. You can use either a request-and-schedule workflow, or skip the request part. Or use both, at the same time, interchangeably.

How do the students access their exam schedule?

Students can view their exam schedule, along with all other relevant information, in all the applications your university have set-up to display the academic schedule.

Can we assign classrooms for exams during exam peak periods?

Yes, in TE exam you'll see what capacity is reserved for exams and what is needed to meet demand. From there you swiftly add more rooms if needed, or release rooms if you have overloaded the number of exam seats.

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