Leverage real time room occupancy data

Reduce no-shows and optimize under-utilized class rooms using cutting edge IOT technology.

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Our cutting edge IoT solution propels you to the forefront of digitalization

Until now, it's been virtually impossible for schedulers to gain insights into no-shows and over-dimensionalized class rooms have been virtually impossible for schedulers. TE HawkEye provides your scheduling teams with unparalleled insights across vital occupancy metrics, so you can improve your overall utilisation rates.

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Automation, insights and integrations -
this is the TE HawkEye IoT platform

Automated triggers

Setup custom alarms for when spaces are overcrowded, when study rooms report unplanned usage, and much more. As long as its measurable, you can create a trigger for it.

Real-time analytics

See heatmaps and traffic patterns for all your connected resources, with real-time updating and live tracking.


TE HawkEye is connects natively to all other TE products, and works with almost all hardware sensors out there.

Automated triggers

TE HawkEye integrates with your resource management system

Release no-show rooms

Make sure that unused space is not wasted. Release any no-show class- or study rooms to be reserved by someone else.

Trigger cleaning requests

Make sure the maintenance team knows if a room has been occupied for more than X hours, or if a toilet has seen heavy traffic.

Precise occupancy data

Measure occupancy at lectures to understand if the schedule over-dimensionalized the room and a smaller one could have been used.

Get a 360° of your resources

Get insights from real-time analytics and compare real data from your scheduled data to find and tap into improvement areas


Get insights into how many of this semester's classes did not actually occur, or how many % of all study room reservations are were not showed up to.

Unplanned usage

Understand if students use class rooms, lecture halls and break out study rooms without reservering them, and get a complete picture of your campus footprint.

Class room fill-rates

See which classes that are structurally under (or over) utilized and use the data to schedule smaller or larger rooms in the upcoming semester.

Space is an expensive resource, don't waste it

The average room utilization rate across universities in Europe and United States is only 29%. With HawkEye you will identify bottlenecks and provide the scheduling team with crucial insights that will save your institution million of dollars in facility costs.

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The key benefits of occupancy data

Our CEO & CPO have gathered their thought on the benefits of having access to occupancy data, and how universities can compare it with their scheduling data to optimize resource usage.

Read their blog post here

Frequently asked questions

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Which sensor do you connect to?

To any sensor with an interface we can integrate with. If you don't have a hardware preference, we have partnered with one of the world's leading sensor manufacturer to provide our customers with premium-grade hardware at a very competitive price point.

Do we have to get the hardware ourselves? 

No, if you want us to we can handle everything from procuring the hardware to setting up the service contract

Can we try HawkEye with a few sensors to begin with? 

Of course. Contact our sales team and we will work out a deal that works for you.

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