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Workforce planning for your institution

Forget cumbersome spreadsheets. Scope your institution's course demand, plan your workforce and easily share  workload and activities across the faculty.

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Smooth workforce management

Get a birds-eye view of course demand and the resources you need to meet it

Plan your courses

TE Plan enables you to plan the delivery of new or existing courses, as well as scope different activities within the course frame, e.g amount of labs, workshops, lectures.

Match your faculty resources

Ensure balanced individual workloads across your staff, align on priorities and make sure headcount calculations add up to academic demands.

Honor contractual obligations

TE Plan assists you in complying with contractual obligations to staff, making sure agreed working hours are not exceeded and workplace agreements are honoured.

Hassle free reporting

Submitting reports to regulatory bodies and statistical agencies are a common requirement. With TE Plan, they will never put additional strain on your organization again.

TE Plan works seamlessly with your favourite scheduling tool

Your course planning is pushed for scheduling in TE Core, and what's scheduled is pushed back to TE Plan. So you always know what's planned, scheduled and everything in between.

But wait, there's more! 

Ensure a transparent work flow

Skip spreadsheets with endless tab counts and outdated data. Make it easy to share and collaborate throughout the organisation.

See potential bottlenecks

Get full overview of what is demanded from your institution by academic, research and administrative activities, and plan accordingly.

Get up-to-date reports

Easily pull reports by course or workload data. Course demand, activity, department or type of work.

Balance workload across faculty

Staff who know what is expected from them in terms of priorities and activities work less, achieve more and are on average 60% happier at work

Frequently asked questions

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Can teachers report number of worked hours in TE Plan?

Yes. Seamlessly integrated to TE Core, you will alway know planned vs scheduled number of hours. And through the reporting feature in TE Plan staff can provide actual time spent on each activity.

Is all planning visible for all staff?

No, TE Plan comes with a permission system allowing you to decide what is visible for whom.

How fast can I be up and running with TE Plan?

Try saying "Göteborg" three times fast in a row. Boom, TE Plan is now implemented.

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