Coordinating scheduling with the departments is now easier than pronouncing "Göteborg"

From departments, to the registrar, to a published schedule - without touching Excel

Template forms

Leverage our expert built forms based on best practices across different faculties and process flows

Customize your unique forms

Create your customized set-up effortlessly and tailor forms to your needs and processes

Assign to all relevant stakeholders

Assign different forms to different people to ensure all relevant stakeholders have their say

Set deadlines

Set hard submission deadlines to ensure your timetabling team get the data in time

Automated reminders

Create automatic reminders to remind form receivers to start working on and submit their forms

Track every step

Get an unparalleled overview of sent out forms, what has been submitted, who is late and where help is needed

Works seamlessly with your favourite RMS tool

Use same data during form submission and scheduling to avoid any accidental discrepancies
Automated push of all department scheduling data to TE Core to eliminate tedious and manual work
Push suggested timetables to faculty to get feedback in a structured format

Have it your way

Tailor your forms to include exactly what the timetabling team needs

Room preferences

Room size, room type, location, needed room equipment or off campus?

Time preferences

Exact times or preferred time slots, for a full course or for each lecture

Course constraints

Make sure required courses don't collide or overlap, so students can meet graduation requirements on time

Course sequence

Lecture, lecture, lab, quiz. Ensure the professor's pedagogical process shines through in the finished schedule

We're on standby to help you get going.

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Frequently asked questions

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Can I send forms to multiple stakeholders?

The sky's the limit! Assign the form to however many people you want to

How is TE Preferences tied to the scheduling in TE Core?

We have designed TE Preferences to get rid of the tedious, manual work in translating form submissions and Excel sheets into something that can be used in scheduling. All form data is made available, neatly structured, in TE Core to ensure the registrar can finish the scheduling puzzle in no time.

All our departments collect scheduling preferences in their own unique way. Can we still TE Preferences?

Yes, TE Preferences allow you to either use our template forms or design your own form from the ground up. You can use separate forms for separate departments, each matching their individual process and workflow.

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