Coordinate department level scheduling with ease

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TE Preferences revolutionizes how departments schedule their courses

With TE Preferences, the scheduling team effortlessly gather time, room and course sequence preferences from professors & course planners across campus. Say good bye to cumbersome spreadsheets and say hi to less administration, happier staff and a better learning environment.

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Connect the departments with the registrar

Design your form

Select one of our template forms based on 20+ years of experience, or design your own tailored to your institution

Assign to relevant stakeholders

Assign forms and submission deadlines to the department faculty and course administrators. Get instant overview of who has opened their forms, who has finished and who must be reminded.

Collect and review the data, and push it to the schedule

Push submitted data to TE Core to eliminate tedious and manual scheduling work

Packed with features your team and faculty will love

Flexible form builder

Use our pre-built forms or customize your own, tailored to what data your schedule team needs to create a world-class timetable.

Automated reminders

Set submission deadlines, see an overview of assigned forms and create automatic reminders to anyone who is not working actively with their forms.

Integrated with the TE Suite

Form data (such as rooms, courses, teachers, number of students) is fetched from your TE set-up to make form submission a breeze. And submitted data is pushed to TE Core to elminate any unnecessary manual work.

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Forget cumbersome spreadsheets, Post-it notes and endless mail conversations

Let departments submit professor availability, room preferences, and all other relevant course scheduling data

3 tangible benefits of using TE Preferences

Reduce administration time

Eliminate the manual and tedious work of translating preference data to the actual schedule

Happier faculty

With a transparent, structured prep process, more professors can get the time slots, rooms and conditions they need, resulting in higher staff satisfaction across the board

Ensure the best learning environment

Professors know the class sequence needed to carry out the best possible pedagogical process. With TE Preferences all is captured and easy deployed in the actual schedule

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