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Get a deeper understanding of your institution. TE Reporting gives you the tools you need to analyze data for your institution in one place.

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Finally a holistic view

TE Reporting helps you get a deeper understanding of your operations so you can deliver better  experiences and drive results.

Standardised reports

Use predefined template reports to get an overview of your resource management and utilization across campus

Customized insights

For even more flexibility, customize, pivot and slice the data in any way you want, to see exactly the data you need.

Room utilization rates across campus

Drive data-driven capacity initiatives leveraging resource utilization data from the entire campus, to ensure you get the most out of your assets

Compare across different times

Compare time series to understand how your initiatives have affected key operational parameters at your institution

Break it down as you see fit

Cut, slice, and pivot the data in any way you need, to get surgical precision in your decision making and only see what's relevant to you

What's in it for you? 

Facilities are expensive. Don't let coincidences and manual errors impact how you utilize them.

Get the full picture.

Get insights to anything scheduled in TimeEdit. TE Reporting makes it easy to understand how your institution utilizes its rooms and equipment.

Insights only TimeEdit can give you.

The ecosystem of TimeEdit products together with our integrations enables insights no other tool will be able to provide you with.

Go from insights to results.

Tangible reports for tangible actions. Understand peak-hour patterns for your facilities, or what type of rooms are under- or over utilized. Adjust the schedule in TE Core and see immediate impact across your organisation.

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TE Reporting is natively integrated with all other TE tools, and you'll be able to immediately access all data in TE Reporting.

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You are now ready to retrieve unparalleled stats from your operations.

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Frequently asked questions

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Can I pull data to our Business Intelligence-system?

TimeEdit has an open API, from which you can pull any reservation data. You find our API documentation here:

Can I pull the data to excel?

Yes, any data and reports can be exported as .csv & xls.-files

Can I create standardized reports?

Yes, TE Reporting allow you to standardize your reporting throughout the university, so you always use the same measurement framework across the departments.

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