Open up your university's resources to faculty, students, and 3rd parties

Let students, professors and 3rd parties book rooms, catering, and equipment through TE Reserve. Event management and one-off reservations have never been so easy.

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Make sure your staff and students can access resources across campus

TE Reserve is used by more than half a million students, faculty and staff to book rooms and equipment across their campus. It's the most effective way to ensure institution's utilize their resources to its maximum potential, while giving students access to the study environments they need.

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It's a win-win situation

TE Reserve lets you open up your resources to students, faculty, and 3rd parties with confidence.

Put your resources to use, on your terms

With TE Reserve's permission system, you can confidently open up sections of your resources to the relevant user groups. Study rooms for students, equipment for faculty, and auditoriums for 3rd parties, for example.

A dead-simple interface, with powerful functionality

A mobile-friendly user interface provides a streamlined reservation experience, but TE Reserve still harnesses all the power from the scheduling engine that powers all of TimeEdit's products.

The bells and whistles

Permission system

Allow students to reserve lecture halls one week in advance, and set limits to length and and frequency. TE Reserve let you

Request & approve

We get it, some resources are not free for all. That's why we built in request functionality so you can separate between owners and requesters for your different rooms and resources.

Always conflict free  

TE Reserve is seamlessly integrated with the TE Suite. All reservation data is instantly updated across the suite so you will never double book anything by accident.

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Look, there's more to it

TE Reserve is a highly versatile tool and lets the organization book a whole lot more than rooms

Desks & equipment

Lab equipment, desks and computers. TE Reserve handles reservation of any resource type.


Allow students & staff to order events through TE Reserve by including services such as catering, seating set-up and cleaning.

External reservations

Improve your utilization rates and increase revenue streams by allowing external reservation requests.

Appointments & meetings

Professors can swiftly announce appointment slots for students to reserve. Perfect for tutoring and coaching sessions.

At Linköping University, a 20 000 student large campus in central Sweden, all rooms without classes the next day are automatically made available for students to reserve.
"By not only letting students reserve the usual study rooms, but all left-over lecture halls, we ensure that all students have access to a study environment in which they can thrive. When we first created this policy, it was a game changer for our students. It's really helped us increase student satisfaction and success"

- Administrator, Linköping Unviersity

Complete the suite

TE Preferences

Coordinate department scheduling and preferences with your master schedule in a seamless, Excel-free workflow

TE Exam

End-to-end exam scheduling, including everything from seat allocation to proctor management and reporting

TE Reserve

Open your study rooms, auditoriums and equipment up for internal & external reservations,  seamlessly integrated with the rest of the suite

TE Reporting

TE HawkEye

Measure actual room utilization, no shows, unplanned usage and much more to combine scheduling data with real usage in your capacity initiatives

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