A schedule viewer for the 21st century

TE Viewer enables personalized schedules for students and faculty, as well as unparalleled building, room and campus overviews - endlessly customizable to cover your needs

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The versatile scheduling tool to view any type of schedule

In TE Viewer students find their course schedule, faculty get staff overview and facility managers access reservation data for efficient maintenance & cleaning schedules. TE Viewer updates instantly as changes are made anywhere in the TE Suite, and can be displayed on digital signs outside rooms or in your campus' reception areas.

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Academic schedule

Get a holistic overview of the entire campus schedule, or drill down and view the schedule for any individual, complete with advanced permission settings and filtering

Room overview

Use TE Viewer to show room and equipment usage and utilization, so you can work proactively and data-driven with your maintenance and cleaning windows

Take your schedule with you

Use TE Viewer to add your own personal schedule to any other calendar application, on your iPhone, your computer, or your mail provider. Did we mention it updates instantly as soon as anything changes?

From any perspective

TE Viewer is more than your go-to academic timetable. Do you want to see a list based overview of all your equipment on floor 2? No problem. Do you want to see all ongoing lectures across the entire campus? Just one click away.

Academic timetable

A student's personalized academic timetable. Always updated, always accessible, from any device

Ongoing reservations

Get a bird's eye view of what's going on in your building, department or across the entire campus

Faculty overview

See when your colleagues are giving lectures, and find available time across your faculty

Room & resource overview

Get complete overview of all your rooms and resources, when they are reserved by whom and in what context

Anywhere you want

Wherever you want to display your schedule, in calendar applications or LMS systems, TimeEdit got you covered.

We'll always be where you are

In a very non-creepy way. With TE Viewer, you can choose to export the schedule to any application that supports calendar feeds. And they all do. Get your schedule on your phone, in your LMS, or have Alexa read it out to you in the morning. The choice is yours, the technology comes from TimeEdit.

Frequently asked questions

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Can I share schedules via links?

Yes, all schedules are searchable (for whom who has permission) and shareable via link sharing.

Is it possible to combine both open timetables and log-in required schedules?


Can I use TE Viewer to create a facility management schedule?

Through TE Viewer you'll get an always updated overview on what rooms have been used and what rooms that have not been used for the past days, creating an unparalleled. Combining this with TE Hawkeye.

Can I use TE Viewer to get teacher feedback on a not yet published schedule?

It's possible to share non-published schedule with your peers and teachers, but to avoid tedious emailing, not met feedback deadlines and manual puzzling we have introduced TE Preferences. Read more about TE Preferences here.

Complete the suite

TE Preferences

Coordinate department scheduling and preferences with your master schedule in a seamless, Excel-free workflow

TE Exam

End-to-end exam scheduling, including everything from seat allocation to proctor management and reporting

TE Reserve

Open your study rooms, auditoriums and equipment up for internal & external reservations,  seamlessly integrated with the rest of the suite

TE Reporting

TE HawkEye

Measure actual room utilization, no shows, unplanned usage and much more to combine scheduling data with real usage in your capacity initiatives

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