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Experience how curriculum management can be made easy

Navigate through easy-to-use curriculum setups, detailed course management, constraint-based course alignment, and intuitive workflow configuration. Explore these features and more as we guide you through the world’s most innovative curriculum management solution.

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A curriculum tool made for you

We know every institution is different. That's why we've created a flexible
curriculum tool, paired with best-practice experience from 200 higher education institutions

Curriculum development

TE Curriculum optimises educational logistics through configurable, auditable processes for curriculum management, enabling stakeholders to efficiently gather, validate, and approve curriculum changes

Personal dashboards

Personalised dashboards with TE Curriculum, guiding users effortlessly through tasks and validations in the curriculum management process

Data visible throughout process

See at a glance how the curriculum development is progressing throughout the institution

Automated progress reports

TE Curriculum ensures continuous, transparent progress tracking, with advanced filtering, and automated notification

Workflow builder

TE Curriculum’s workflow builder simplify stakeholder participation, ensuring relevant details are effortlessly captured and customized for each unique implementation

Roll-over from last year

As with the rest of the TE Suite, TE Curriculum rests on a continous timeline database so you can roll over data from one period to another with ease.

Connected to schedule progress data

Real-time process progress and equips users with essential tools for effective process management,

Packed with features you will love

User friendly user interface

Intuitive drag-and-drop interface for easy curriculum adjustments. The Planboard gives you unparallelled overview of your curriculum design.

Best-in-class permission system

TE Curriculum's granular permission system allow you to decide workflows and what's changeable when and by whom.

Curriculum budgeting built-in

Curriculum simulations to visualise cost effects of changes and trade-offs to the curriculum design.

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Integrates with the tools you already use

Student Information Systems

Integrate TE Curriculum with your SIS to pre populate your scheduling tool with all the essential information, such as courses, programs, teachers, groups and students.

Scheduling solution

Regardless if that is TimeEdit's scheduling suite or any other out there - the TE Suite is modular and open to integrate with multiple timetabling tools out in the wild.

Your ecosystem through our APIs

From finance systems to ventilation control - our customers have already built more than 300 integrations using our extensive APIs.

Best practices + flexibility = supercharge your processes' efficacy

We know every institution has different demands and needs. That's why we've designed a product that adapts to your processes and preferences, built by education experts with best-ractice experience from 200+ implementations.

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Flexible customization

TE Suite rich scheduling and customizations features enable your institution to flexibly work in a process that works best for you.


TE Suite brings a new level of transparency to your team's work and keeps everyone on the same page.

Value-driven prioritization

Resource efficiency, student success or teacher satisfaction? Ensure scheduling that deliver the most value to your institution.

For all institutions

TE Suite is a flexible, easy-to-use, scheduling tool designed for teams of every shape and size.

Actionable data

The extensive reporting functionality give you critical insight into how much when and by whom your resources are being utilized.

Fast, friendly user interface

Navigate through schedules and resources with ease, ensuring a smooth workflow and enhanced productivity for you

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University of Potsdam

"The 21,000 students have to fit into rooms intended for 9,000 people, a task that requires intricate planning and could not be carried out without TimeEdit."

Barbara Obst Hantel, Principal, University of Potsdam

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