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TimeEdit Welcomes University of Nottingham: A New Era for Academic Scheduling

TimeEdit, the leading provider of academic operations platforms, is proud to announce its latest partnership with the prestigious University of Nottingham. This collaboration marks a significant step in enhancing the university's class scheduling, exam scheduling and data collection processes.

Published on
December 19, 2023
The TimeEdit Team
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University of Nottingham, with more than 40 000 enrolled students, is renowned for its academic excellence and innovative approach. The switch to TimeEdit came as result of a decision to modernise the administration in it's pursuit of achieving better student outcomes.

"We are thrilled to welcome University of Nottingham into the TimeEdit family," said Johan Blomdahl, CEO of TimeEdit. "We've been really impressed by Nottingham's team throughout this process. Their curiosity and drive to create student outcomes resonates so well with our mindset"

Their implementation of TE Suite will cover the full process from data collection, class scheduling, exam scheduling, and reporting. The goal is to enable a more personalized approach to timetabling, and this student-centric approach aligns with University of Nottingham's dedication to offering a supportive and engaging learning environment.

About TimeEdit: Co-created together with our 200 customers globally, TimeEdit is the leading academic operations platform for student-centric higher education. Providing an integrated suite for curriculum, scheduling, workload, and student registration - Academia runs better with TimeEdit. Learn more at