Curriculum Management

Curriculum management as the heart of academic operations

Comprehensive Curriculum Planning

  • Offering near limitless flexibility to accommodate any organizational structure and curriculum setup
  • From programs of study down to individual activities, your entire curriculum data can be consolidated in one location
  • Incorporate any information field onto any page, ensuring that data is always structured and formatted correctly

Degree & Learning Goal mapping

  • Link the learning objectives of each module or course to the program of study to consistently ensure that all learning goals are met before approving any changes
  • Utilize research-based, ready-to-use learning scales, or apply your own learning framework, both of which can be easily integrated into any curriculum structure
  • Combine general university learning frameworks with those specific to a program of study or faculty

Custom Workflows & Processes

  • Develop curriculum processes that reflect the way they are managed at your institution, suitable for all types of study including programmes of study, courses, modules, and more.
  • Design various workflows, such as the creation, review, and approval of a module, and integrate them into a singular, cohesive process.
  • Enable one process to automatically initiate another, making the entire curriculum management process less susceptible to errors and fully automated.

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