Scheduling & Resource Management

Scheduling and resource management with surgical precision

Granular & flexible scheduling of all types of resources

  • Flexible timetabling and course scheduling for any type of courses and programmes, on both individual, group, class and course levels
  • Schedule on all levels - series of activities in one go or individual activities for specific weeks without any hassle
  • Adjust your scheduling views to represent how you prefer to look at the scheduling, may it be per time, day or week, by room or room type, building - the view building caters for complete flexibility

Endless possibilities to define your data and scheduling rules

  • Our unique data model approach let you define all resources and attributes, which you can then utilize across your scheduling
  • Combining our data model approach with the most comprehensive set of scheduling rules put you in full control of the scheduling

Intelligent yet configurable display of reservations

  • Scheduling views are building on a smart display engine, adjusting what is visible in the calendar dependent on conflict objects you select increasing the efficiency substantially
  • What information, coloring and grouping in the scheduling views are configurable to adapt to your exact ways of working

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