Scheduling & Resource Management

Comprehensive scheduling data preparation

Review, adjust and control your data

  • Regardless of whether it's collected activity data, study combinations, or various types of resource objects, Data Manager provides you with a comprehensive overview to gain control of your data
  • Data Manager is an intuitive and efficient tool that enables you to review and modify data as necessary, ensuring its accuracy before it is utilized

Realize data issues & bottlenecks before it’s to late

  • Ensure the accuracy of data by leveraging your expertise and university-specific knowledge, utilizing our extensive filtering, sorting, and search features.
  • Gain insights into potential future issues and make adjustments or balance the data while it is still feasible to do so

At the center of our platform

  • Data Manager is at the heart of our platform and, by default, integrates to ensure automatic data flow to and from all other necessary products
  • A comprehensive API, along with import and export functionalities for everything from activities to various resource objects, ensures that no data is confined and can be seamlessly integrated with third-party solutions

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Data Manager