Publishing & Registration

Student class registration with student centricity in mind

Simple registration views

  • Effortlessly see where you, as a student, need to take action, regardless of whether you're using a mobile device or desktop
  • Switch seamlessly between a calendar view and list view
  • Obtain a recommended and clash-free personal timetable with just a few clicks

Waiting list, swap possibilities & personalized timetable

  • Enable students to place themselves on a waiting list for specific classes, exchange spots with other students, or submit their preferences
  • As selections are made, students can effortlessly switch to their personalized timetable to view their complete schedule at any given moment

Timelines & notifications across the whole process

  • As soon as any action is required from the student, notifications are readily available both in-app on their personalized starting page and via email

Flexible cohort management

  • Open and close access for different student groups and cohorts, based on any available student properties.
  • Establish cohort-specific maximum seat limits, automatically ensuring a preferred mix of students in each class.

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