Scheduling & Resource Management

Coordinate all your institution's exams in one single solution

Request exams with ease

  • Allow for course coordinators and professors to order and prepare exams in one intuitive interface, import your exams or feed them through our API
  • Create sub-exams efficiently with all the information automatically duplicated from the main exam

Schedule exams

  • Easy drag-and-drop interface to schedule your exam requests with all the room booked for exam purposes, ensuring seats and requirements are complied with
  • Comprehensive overview of rooms, pending and scheduled exams in one view to give you the full picture

Seamless management of invigilators

  • No more back and forth emailing, no more spreadsheets with outdated contact details. Schedule supervisors based on their skills, certifications and availability.
  • Get a complete overview of supervisors, their outstanding requests, total hours and much more

The 21,000 students have to fit into rooms intended for 9,000 people, a task that requires intricate planning and could not be carried out without TimeEdit.

Barbara Obst Hantel
Principal, University of Potsdam
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