Scheduling & Resource Management

Allocation fully integrated with the scheduling

Complete overview of your allocation

  • User-friendly overview based on your specific curriculum structure, from your course down to activity and track, to give the best possible overview
  • Independently if you let your student self-register or not, allocation fulfillment is always up to date and visual for levels
  • Easily spot if a specific activity is open for registration or not, when registration deadline is set and when it was opened

View it from the student perspective

  • View each and everyone of your students registration & allocation status, for all enrolled courses both in an the student overview or the detailed student view
  • See exactly where the student have not yet allocated, if their selection have introduced any schedule clashes or other issues with their allocation

Distribution rules, access management & bulk allocation

  • Built with efficiency, yet flexibility in mind, the solution let you create distribution rule on several dimensions such as student type, class year, and much more
  • Your distribution rules can then be applied when bulk allocating students, ensuring allocation is according to your preferences while being highly automated
  • Allocation responsibilities can be distributed using our access rights, ensuring only the right people can manage the allocation for specific parts of your institution

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