Evaluation & Reporting

Close the academic loop with Evaluation

Academic assessments with complete flexibility

  • Build your evaluation surveys to fit your university instead of the other way around using our flexible survey designer
  • Let your curriculum structure and data flow through from our Curriculum product for a seamless experience
  • With the end-user in mind from the start, all evaluation surveys are both mobile-friendly and highly intuitive to ensure high response rates

Automation through our workflows

  • For each survey, create customized workflows of what steps to include and tie it to the right roles & people to put your evaluation work on autopilot
  • Set triggers and deadlines, tie it to the workflow steps or actions including reminder strategy and make it customized to your different type of workflows

Follow the progress & reporting

  • For each evaluation survey sent out, you can follow the progress through our easy-to-understand response rates overview
  • Full reporting capabilities to analyze and draw insights in a comprehensive manner for all evaluations
  • Automatically display your final evaluation results for the course, unit or module as input for next year's curriculum process

The 21,000 students have to fit into rooms intended for 9,000 people, a task that requires intricate planning and could not be carried out without TimeEdit.

Barbara Obst Hantel
Principal, University of Potsdam

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