Scheduling & Resource Management

Data collection that takes data quality to the next level

Enabling decentralized data collection

  • Entrust the task of filling in the class requirements information to someone knowledgeable in the area, such as the lecturer, course coordinator, or another relevant role
  • Offer various methods for distributing the data collection forms, ranging from assigning them to specific individuals to sharing a public link
  • Enable collaborative efforts on the same form by multiple people, while designating who has the authority to submit the final version

Fully integrated with our scheduling solution

  • A unified data model guarantees that only accurate data can be chosen, ensuring that only viable combinations of data are possible. Additionally, updates in one system are automatically reflected in the other system
  • All gathered data is consistently transferred to the scheduling system for examination and modification prior to scheduling. This process facilitates a truly agile workflow

Collect any data of your choice

  • Our versatile form designer enables you to gather any data you require without restrictions.
  • It offers the capability to assign rights for creating, editing, or viewing at the individual data field level.
  • Set input fields as either required or optional, customize field names according to your university's terminology, add explanatory notes, and much more

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