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Co-created together with our 200 customers globally, TimeEdit is the leading academic operations platform for student-centric higher education. Through an integrated suite for curriculum, scheduling, workload, and student registration,  academia runs better with TimeEdit.



200 customers from Svalbard to Christchurch

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"Scheduling is hard, Swedish winters are easy" - Swedish proverb

The TimeEdit story

Spreadsheets & fireworks

In 2001, amidst the glow of computer screens, TimeEdit's visionary founder, Manuel, exchanged a significant glance with his business ally, Bengt, as he hung up the phone. An idea had sparked.

"They despereately need proper scheduling solution."

Rewind to the mid-90s: Manuel, a physicist with a knack for innovation, had crafted a sophisticated Excel spreadsheet for Chalmers University of Technology in Gothenburg, streamlining their resource and student scheduling processes. However, years later, he ceased updating his Excel creations. Bengt, an eclectic serial entrepreneur with ventures ranging from ice cream to boat propellers, and even hamburgers, had just exited his fireworks business and was on the lookout for a new venture with Manuel.

During this period of exploration, Manuel received the call in 2001 from Linköping University, inquiring about adjustments to some macros in his Excel model. Although he could make the changes, Manuel was curious: how had his spreadsheet traveled so far?

"It was shared with us by Umeå University," they explained. The trail of calls led Manuel from Umeå to Stockholm University, and then to the IT department at Uppsala University, each revealing how the spreadsheet had been passed from one institution to another, finally reaching Lund University. Although the origin at Chalmers remained elusive, the widespread use of his spreadsheet across Swedish universities was undeniable.

This revelation cemented Manuel and Bengt's resolve to embark on their next endeavor: creating the world's best scheduling solution for Higher Education.

When the first customer went live just 2 years later, they went to Bengt's garage, fired off some left-over fireworks to celebrate.

Towards Academic Operations  
In recent years TimeEdit has evolved from a resource management provider to a comprehensive Academic Operations platform. Three distinct beliefs made us embark on this journey together with our 200 customers: Increased student-centricity Less and better providers 

TimeEdit is founded

Born in the heart of Gothenburg, TimeEdit's journey began as an Excel sheet on steroids. This tool quickly became indispensable at universities throughout Sweden, and the widespread adoption ignited the ambition to evolve it to a comprehensive software, tailored to revolutionise academic scheduling.

Booking + Scheduling = True

In 2005, we did what hadn't been done before, by merging scheduling and booking capabilities into a fully fledged resource management system system.

Hello, cloud!

Already in 2008 we ditched the on-premise solutions for a native cloud based suite, highlighting that we've always been ahead of the technology curve.

Belgium and the Netherlands

The first customer in the BNL region was Wageningen University of Research, and just months later TU Eindhoven jumped on the TimeEdit ship. Today, more than 60% of universities and hogeschools across Belgium and the Netherlands use TimeEdit.  

Australia, New Zealand and the UK

Taking our first steps into these new markets in late 2021, with La Trobe University leading the way, we now have 10+ customers in the ANZ region and 5+ customers in the UK - and we are growing fast!

Towards Academic Operations platform

Constantly re-thinking how things should be done, we decided to embark on a journey to what we believe is the next wave for higher education institutions. By acquiring Curriculum Management company Vorsen and adding Student Allocation, we are now pioneering a true Academic Operations Platform.

Our mission

Bringing 21st century enterprise-grade technology to institutions across the world

Modern delivery platform

Cloud native since always and delivered as a service (SaaS)

Integrations front & center

Integrate with the tools you already use and love

Security and privacy first

Mission-critical software deserves enterprise-grade security

Let the software adapt - not you

A flexible solution that fits with your existing processes and workflows

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