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Deakin University and TimeEdit embark on journey towards improved academic operations 💚

Deakin University chooses TimeEdit to modernise academic operations, to further enhance staff and student experience

Published on
December 19, 2023
Johan Blomdahl
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In adopting TimeEdit, Deakin will join The University of Melbourne, La Trobe University, Australian Catholic University, the University of New England and seven other institutions across Australia and New Zealand in using TimeEdit.

Deakin will leverage opportunities provided by TimeEdit to address administrative workloads for stakeholders across the scheduling life-cycle. Staff and students alike can positively engage with a modern user interface to deliver seamless interactions and a superb user experience. 

As the TimeEdit suite has evolved; from world-leading scheduling tool to a comprehensive Academic Operations Platform, marrying Curriculum Management, Student Registration, Scheduling, and Reporting to one integrated suite - the opportunity to grow together was one of the reasons Deakin and TimeEdit decided to partner together.

By partnering up with TimeEdit, Deakin is looking to improve:

- More efficient data collection processes; moving to automatically validated data collection

- Increase auto scheduling

- Remove manual processes through data collection, scheduling and reporting

- Enable better acccess to data for operations and management.

“Deakin has always been focused on the student experience, and our adoption of TimeEdit will only enhance our delivery and quality of service to our students.”

Ross Buchan, Director, Student Administration Services

“We are keenly anticipating the benefits TimeEdit will bring, including productivity improvements, enhanced tool sets and streamlined processes. TimeEdit will enable smooth collaboration between the timetabling team, academic teams, facilities, digital learning teams and other stakeholders - working seamlessly in concert to deliver quality service to staff and students.”

Simonne Mullaly, Manager, Timetabling

“We have been all-in the Australian market from the get-go. Being selected by Deakin to advance their strategic goals, including the journey towards becoming even more student-centric, validates that strong commitment. 

I have had the pleasure to sit-down with the Deakin team numerous times, discussing how we can achieve the improvements they're looking for. One thing is certain: the team will further boost this community. Top tier problem solution, top tier in ambition. I love to have them onboard."

Johan Blomdahl, Chief Executive Officer, TimeEdit

About TimeEdit: Co-created with 200+ higher education customers, TimeEdit is the fastest growing resource management and academic operations solution in the world. The TimeEdit Academic Operations Platform (AOP) is a suite of interconnected tools designed for academic planning and operations, guided by the principle of creating user interfaces that cater to the needs of each stakeholder across the academic life cycle. As of today TimeEdit is supporting over two hundred institutions across eleven countries.

About Academic Operations: Academic operations is a blanket term used to describe numerous rudimentary functions that are essential for higher education institutions. Curriculum management, catalog administration, classroom-space management, class scheduling/timetabling, exam scheduling, resource demand analytics, and student registration & allocation are all considered academic operations. In other words: these administrative processes are what allow students to access their education.